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Thread: What are the signs of thrush?

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    Default What are the signs of thrush?

    I have a small rashy patch that just came up on the edge of my areola. I ve never had thrush and my baby seems fine but this came up overnight it seems. I was also wondering what the easiest way to follow my post on here is, Im very new to using this forum. Any help would be fantastic!

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    Default Re: What are the signs of thrush?

    I don't know about following posts but here is what thrush usually presents as: Flaky OR Shiny skin on the nipple and/or areola, and nipple/breast pain. Usually it is present in both breasts.

    Moms can get rashes on the breast or nipples, just as they can get rashes anywhere else, that may not have anything to do with thrush. If you are in pain, that is one thing, but if you just see a little patch of something it could just be dry or irritated skin?

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    Default Re: What are the signs of thrush?

    All you never wanted to know about thrush: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...resources.html

    To follow your own posts, I suggest doing one of the following:
    - when you post a thread or read one you want to follow, click on "Thread Tools" and then "Subscribe to this Thread", and then check your subscriptions using the Control Panel feature on the upper right side of the screen
    - remember where you posted your thread and check on it periodically
    - use the "New Posts" feature on the upper left side of the screen to see what has been posted since the last time you visited the forum- if someone has added to your thread it will pop up among the new posts

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    Default Re: What are the signs of thrush?

    If it's already gone, I'd really think it wasn't thrush. Maybe just an irritation? Does your baby have white spots in his mouth?

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