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Thread: Need help with 8.5 month old--supply

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    Default Need help with 8.5 month old--supply

    Hello all,

    My baby is refusing the breast or bottle during the day but nursing once during the night. I feel that it is time for me to drop the night feed. I am not opposed to crying it out methods. Does anyone have any advice?

    On another note, today I worked in the morning. I breast fed my baby then pumped 1 oz. I dropped him off at daycare. He had 5 oz previously frozen breast milk + 1 jar baby food. Then I picked him up and he refused the breast after nursing for about 1 minute on each side. While he was at daycare, I pumped 2 oz. Once I picked him up and he wouldn't nurse, I gave him a bottle of formula 5 oz. Once he went down for his nap, I tried to pump again and I got 1 oz. So, he ate 10 oz of milk today and I could only pump 4 oz. He hasn't been gaining weight. He's a small guy: only 16 lbs. He has no teeth.

    I want to continue nursing him until he is a year old. But I worry about my supply now. This may be why he isn't sleeping all the way through the night too.

    I normally get him to nurse 6 times in 24 hours plus 3 solid meals a day. I take fenugreek and eat oats and dried apricots.

    Does breast milk production ever just slow down too much for an older baby?

    Another question that I have is, can I drop other feeds and keep my morning feed going for awhile? Or would my milk supply dry up in the morning too?

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    Default Re: Need help with 8.5 month old--supply

    I would think that milk production would slow down only if you're not nursing or pumping as much as before. (Unless you are pregnant or started certain types of birth control lately.) If he's refusing the breast during the day, are you pumping when he'd normally be nursing? You mentioned dropping some feeds. Are you planning on pumping instead or giving formula? If he will nurse, it would be much easier just to nurse him.
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    Default Re: Need help with 8.5 month old--supply

    Well, my 9mo is so busy during the day that he doesn't want to sit still to nurse. I've found that the bulk of his nursing is still happening at night or when he is sleeping. Any chance yours just wants to explore etc -- and is relying on those night feeds for a good part of his milk intake?
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