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Thread: No Shield = Diminished Supply?

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    Default No Shield = Diminished Supply?

    My daughter is just over 7 months and recently started rejecting the nipple shield we have used since she was 3 days old. She nurses well without it but my supply has become dangerously low. I have had an oversupply since Day 1 and only fed from one side at each feeding. Now my daughter is emptying both breasts and still isnt satisfied. Its not a growth spurt and I have not yet started my period so I cannot find a cause other than no longer using a shield.

    Anyone have any experience with this? She refuses to eat and screams if I try to use the shield. Any tips on getting her to use it again? Should I see an LC?

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    Default Re: No Shield = Diminished Supply?

    Weaning off the shield should not cause a decrease in your supply, unless your latch without the shield does not extract very much milk. Why were you on the shield for so long? That an LC would advise that is surprising to me. How is your latch? That would be the firstthing Id check with an IBCLC or with a LLL leader.
    How often are you nursing? is she on solids, too?
    Finally, what is telling you your supply is low? Less wet diapers and poos? Is she just fussy? Can you tell she isnt swallowing much or nursing long? Is she losing weight?

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    Default Re: No Shield = Diminished Supply?

    Shields can cause problems with milk supply. Nursing without the shield is much better for supply.

    Oversupply doesn't last forever. The body does not want to overproduce milk; it's a waste of energy and increases your risk of plugged ducts and mastitis. So eventually your body start producing exactly the right amount of milk. When that happens, moms notice that they tend to pump less, feel full less often, leak less, and their babies may transition to needing both breasts at a feeding, and may be extra fussy while they get used to the new flow pattern.

    If you have any questions about your supply, watch diaper output. As long as it remains normal, your supply is fine.

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