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Thread: 9 months and think I'm drying up!

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    Default 9 months and think I'm drying up!

    Hi All,

    I returned to work in July and continued to breastfeed baby. I breastfed before work, expressed at 10am, went home at lunchtime, Breastfed after work and then again before bed. When I expressed I sometimes got over 8 ozs per session! Managed to build up a great stockpile which has now nearly run out..

    Over the last few months, I have dropped some feeds and until last week was left with morning, lunchtime and evening feeds. Unfortunately, work have abolished my extended lunchbreaks so I have tried expressing at lunchtime and can now only get 1oz at a time and it's causing a lot of discomfort. Because of this, we have now dropped the lunchtime feed as baby loves his solids and water/very diluted fruit juice.

    Last night he woke up screaming several times and his belly was rumbling - He nearly ripped my top off trying to get at me! I'm really worried I'm now not producing enough milk at all. I tried to express a few nights ago and gave him one of my last pouches of expressed milk and I can't get more than an oz out at any time of day!

    I have an operation tomorrow (endometriosis!!) and because of the general anaesthetic, I can't breastfeed for 24 hours and also can;t express enough. I have one 7oz pounch left for the morning or evening but this won't be enough! Could someone please give me advice? My friends and family are all suggesting formula top-ups but after this long I really don't want to do this! Was trying to keep the evening feed until 12 months at least....

    Thanks for your help/advice!

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    Default Re: 9 months and think I'm drying up!

    Call infantrisk and ask about the anesthetic. Sometime, doctors tell you to pump and dump because they aren't sure whether or not it is safe to breastfeed. How often are you breastfeeding/pumping in total?

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    Default Re: 9 months and think I'm drying up!

    about calling Infant Risk. Often, with modern anesthesia, when you can hold the baby safely, you can nurse again.

    Regarding your supply, the only way to get it back...remove more milk more often. That is why you have gone from pumping 8 oz to 1 oz. At work, you should be entitled to 2 breaks, in addition to your lunch, and you can pump during those. Some mamas pump at their desks under a cover, others go to their cars, some have a room at work. It might take some creativity to come up with a way to work in a session or two at work. But...you'll be off post-op, right? Take the kid into bed and nurse all.day.long. A baby is better than a pump at getting milk out and boosting your supply.

    Since an infant's primary source of nutrition, when under 12 months, should be formula or breastmilk, you may end up giving supplements, if he will even accept them. I'd be careful if I gave any supplements via bottle; an SNS would be better.

    You are also running into a situation pretty common; many moms have a point around 9 months where they have a difficult time pumping for baby. Their supply is low. The solution is always pump more, nurse more, don't give up. You could try some herbs, IF your doctor is OK with them around surgery.
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    Default Re: 9 months and think I'm drying up!

    I'm having the same problem! But, I am feeding/pumping at least every 4 hours. My daughter is 8 months old, and we just started her on solids, but I have not decreased my feeding/pumping times. I used to get 8 oz from my morning pumping session at work, now I'm lucky if I get 4! I've even tried nursing/pumping for longer periods of time, but this just causes discomfort. And, it is worse on one side. I offer the low supply side first, and allow her to nurse until she is full and it still hasn't increased my supply. This has gone on from almost a month now. If you find any solutions, let me know!

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    Default Re: 9 months and think I'm drying up!

    Hi All,

    Thank-You so much for your responses. The Infant Risk people are really helpful! Not sure if we have an equivalent here in the Uk but they can give me the required advice anyway!. I just have to find out which anaesthetic they are planning to give me (my Doc is going to call me back) and then they'll tell me when I can feed baby again. Brilliant!

    Thanks also for the tips. At the moment, baby is nursing once in the morning when he wakes up and then again just before sleep. I am still expressing at lunchtimes at work but will start an extra morning and afternoon one again. Problem is when I express too much I get really sore. Will have to see how it goes but not giving up without a fight!!!

    In the meantime, I have two weeks recovery time so will nurse nurse nurse and hopefully get a good supply going again so that pumping is hopefully not as uncomfortable.

    Thanks again for your help, I have popped onto this site many times over the last 9 months and am positive I wouldn't still be breastfeeding without some of the advice on these pages!!

    gmom28 - I will let you know how I get on - Good luck to you too and please also let me know if anyting works for you!!

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    Default Re: 9 months and think I'm drying up!

    Doctor has just phoned and you were correct, as soon as I can sit up I will be able to nurse again! Now to work on that supply for pumping!! Thanks again guys!!

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    Default Re: 9 months and think I'm drying up!

    Great news! Hope the surgery goes well. I had to EP for 4 months and found that doing compressions while pumping increased my output. Also, look into doing a power pump or cluster pumping when you are able, but while you are off enjoy nursing your LO!
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