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Thread: Consistent Nursing Strikes

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    Unhappy Consistent Nursing Strikes


    My baby girl has been going on frequent nursing strikes. It has been very hard to manage it as far as keeping milk supply and having her latch back on. She does not seem as happy as she used to be, she is constantly frustrated and has a difficult time sleeping and napping. The first she had a sore throat, and was treated with Amoxilin. She was back to nursing normally after about 3-4 days. She went on normally for about a week, and now she is on strike again and I cannot identify the reason. I am assuming it is because I resumed working, even though I work from home and at night (2am to 6pm) when she sleeps for the most part. I feel she might be experiencing some anxiety, maybe because my energy levels are not the same in the morning with her and I do not spend the night right by the crib anymore (watch her on the monitor and her father is next to her). I have been taking fenugreek and Mothers Milk Tea but I am not able to pump as frequently as I should because I am the only one caring for her all day. I am only able to pump a couple of times at night, during my shift. I nurse her when she is half asleep, at night or when she is having a nap. Her diapers are fine, about 5-6 wet diapers a day. Not too much on stools, but she has some. She wakes up crying so loud, sometimes she gets comfort in nursing for a couple of minutes, but she will not stay on the breast too long, unless she is already too hungry (not nursed for 5 hours or more). I feed her here and there with the serynge, but I want her to be ok.. And I am terrified that my milk supply is getting lower and lower, my breasts feel empty all the time. I know she gets milk because of the diapers and because she always lets a few drops come out from the side of her mouth. If she didn't, I would think she was not getting anything. She is 4 and 1/2 months old not, about 21 weeks, exclusively breastfeeding. She is even refusing to be on the moby wrap with me.. Any thoughts, please?
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    Could she have an ear infection?

    I'm at home all day alone with my LOs and EP because my baby can't nurse. I found a few things that might be helpful:
    Try propping baby on a Boppy while you pump.

    Let baby roll around on the floor while you pump.

    If you have to, single side pump while you stand up holding baby.

    Put baby in the car and drive. Car pump.

    You might be able to pump one side and nurse the other.

    Dream feed your LO, which it sounds like you are doing.
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    Does she have reflux? I ask because many times babies with reflux will do this- nursing strikes, difficulty sleeping. It's because eating hurts them and they begin to associate nursing with pain.
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