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Thread: Pre-Birth Nipple Issues

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    I just wanted to add, that IF it were a infection it would most likely be almost unbareable pain. It's really really painful when you get a nipple/breast infection. So it probably is just like your dr said.

    Also about squeezing some out. It takes practice, and knowledge of just how to squeeze/massage/compress, and where to to actually get even breast full of milk out. So you probably could get some expressed out if you had previous practice on how and where to compress to get it to come out. But, even then you would probably only get droplets out as even after you have a baby, a new born only needs a little bit at a time as their tummies are so small so it takes up to a week sometimes before you get much out at a time. But, that doesn't mean you don't have stuff in there, even if it's just a little bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kmanih View Post
    Lanolin is a great suggestion. I think my nipples were dry before I gave birth. I wish I had started lanolin before to soften them. Make sure you get the lanolin appropriate for breastfeeding (I find Lansinoh the best). Some pharmacies sell a cheaper version that's not pure enough for baby. You can apply lanolin after feeding baby, and after taking a shower, and leave it on, no need to wipe it before feedings. It's a good idea to use a breast pad so that the lanolin doesn't stain your bra and shirt (it seeped through my bra and ruined a couple of tops). I highly recommend reusable breast pads--there are many kinds, of bamboo, wool etc.
    I actually prefer Medela's. I think it glides on much nicer and is smoother. I find the Laninosh to be very thick and gunky. These aren't bad to have on hand either for sore nipples after birth.

    I'm glad you are here, mama. I hope labor starts on its own. I would highly advise checking out some of the resources mommal provided in regard to the induction. I was actually induced and very much sincerely regret it. I feel it made my nursing experience much rougher than it had to be, I almost was forced into a C-section and I also tore very, very badly (4th degree). There's no way of know if I would have tore that badly without induction, but I believe I would not have. Of course, you must do what you feel is best for your family. I would simply offer my experience as a cautionary tale of how an induction can set up a series of events that may not be the best for mama and baby.

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