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Thread: Clogged milk duct?

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    Default Clogged milk duct?

    I am 9 months pregnant and have had some colostrum for a couple of months now (not a lot but its production is increasing). My left underarm is quite swollen, red, and tender. My mom & some others have mentioned it could be a milk duct problem. I have an appt in a couple of days with my doctor & will ask her then. But I thought I would see if there are any suggestions for relief at all. Or is it not possible for this to be a clogged duct? It hurts and its warm, sore, red, etc etc...I would love some relief for the time being. Any suggestions?

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    Definitely show your OB at your next appointment.

    I have a swollen area under my left underarm area and it's been there since I was pregnant with DD#1. My OB said it was breast tissue. He said it would go away after DD#1 was born and I lost the baby weight. Well, I never lost all of the baby weight and then got pregnant with DD#2 (she is now a month old). Well, I still have the swollen area and it is still sore.

    Maybe yours could be breast tissue too - or something else. Either way, show your OB - she'll be able to tell you what it is and how you can make it go away.

    Good luck on your delivery!!!

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    It is possible to get a clogged duct, and even a breast infection, during pregnancy. So most def show your doc.
    Are you feeling ill at all otherwise (fever or flu-like symptoms)? If you develop other symptoms it could be an infection (mastitis). In that case see your doc asap.
    Until, then, it's kid of hard to say because usually the best "treatment" for a clogged duct is to empty it by massage and pumping/ feeding, but I'm not sure what you would do if you haven't even started BFing yet. Maybe put a cold compress on it to reduce swelling and relieve pain.


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    Hi there
    I'm sorry you're having pain. It definitely sounds like a clogged duct. Here is an article that may help you:

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