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Thread: Green poo-block feed, dairy-free no help

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    Default Green poo-block feed, dairy-free no help

    Hi - I'm new to posting to the LLLI forums (though I've lurked and found a lot of great information here previously).

    My son Harry is 10 weeks old is breastfeeding exclusively. For the 5 weeks he has had very green/brown liquidy, frothy, poops (in the diaper they kind of look like loose jelly). He is pooping 4-6x every day. I never had this problem with breastfeeding my daughter, who is now 3.

    A lactation consultant said the green poops were due to a foremilk-hindmilk issue, and recommended block feeding, with 1 breast per feeding. I've been block feeding for the past month, and it seems to have helped my oversupply issues, but Harry's poops stayed the same.

    Two weeks after I started block feeding, at Harry's 2 month appt, my pediatrician said the green poops were most likely due to a dairy allergy. I cut out all dairy 2 weeks ago, even the "hidden" dairy. Though he is less gassy now, my son's diapers are still very green (though less brown), and he is still pooping a lot.

    Any tips on what I can do next to help his stomach and fix the poops? I'm not sure what to do. Harry is a happy, mellow baby, and not colicky at all, so I don't think he is in pain. But I can't imagine that it is comfortable for him to have diarrhea all the time. My family thinks I should quit breastfeeding and offer formula, but I'm not ready/willing to do that.


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    Default Re: Green poo-block feed, dairy-free no

    My family thinks I should quit breastfeeding and offer formula,
    This makes no sense. At all. Formula is much more likely to cause LIFELONG gastrointestinal issues. And this issue you are having manifests itself ONLY in poop consitency and color, and for all we know harms baby not in the least. Right?

    I get the color is off the norm, but Loose jelly is not all that abnormal a poop look, is it? Do you mean it's slimy looking? Why do you call it diarhea? Babies are on a liquid diet, they are going to have quite liquidy poops. When you say green brown, do you mean a dark brown, or is ot green mixed with rhe typical mustard poop color?

    I am with your LC. This is possibly due to forceful letdown, which is a bit different than oversupply. I would keep up the one side at a time nursing sessions but also make sure baby is nursing very frequently. Short, frequent feedings should help with the formilk/hindmilk imbalance.

    if its dairy, you may need to stay dairy free for a while longer, there are other moms on here who know more about this than I do. Also make sure you have really eliminated dairy, as dairy products crop up in interesting places.

    I think Dr. Jay Gordon has a good poop article, and kellymom.com has a good forceful letdown article.

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