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Thread: lowered milk supply???

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    My baby is 9 weeks old, and I started the mini pill at my 6 week appointment. Prior to doing this I was getting engorged a few times during the night and even leaking. I had also been able to pump up to 3 oz at times. Now I can only pump 1.5 never more.He seems to be getting full, but he does eat every two hours and usually never misses. He wakes me up every 2 hours even at night to eat. The past few days I have been pumping for ten minutes after every feeding to try to up my supply but I have seen no changes. I must add that he is also colic, but one week ago that ended. I dont know if he was maybe eating too much before and it was directly related or if it is just a coincidence.....someone help please! It is very important to me to breastfeed for at least a year and I do not want to lose my supply.

    Thank you

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    Welcome, mama, and congratulations on the new baby!

    What you describe sounds more or less normal. Most moms start out producing too much milk. It's nature's way of ensuring that a new baby gets fed while he masters the art of breastfeeding. When a mom overproduces, she frequently feels engorged or full, and she often leaks more and can usually pump quite a lot of milk in addition to nursing. However, this state of affairs usually doesn't last. In the long run, it's not desirable to overproduce, because making a ton of extra milk is a waste of energy and increases your risk for nasty things like plugged ducts and mastitis. So eventually supply adjusts so that it meets the baby's demand very precisely. At that point, mom leaks less or not at all, pumps less, and stops feeling full or engorged except on rare occasions when her baby sleeps extra long at night or skips a feeding for some other reason.

    As long as your baby seems satisfied and continues to make the appropriate number of wet and poopy diapers, and grow normally, there's probably no reason to worry. However, if you feel like your baby isn't satisfied or stops producing enough diapers, you may want to think about a different birth control option. The mini-pill is supposed to be safe for breastfeeding, but some women do report that they see a decrease in milk supply when they are on the mini-pill. If you're one of them, stopping the pills should allow your supply to bounce back to the right level for your baby as long as you nurse on demand. There are plenty of birth control options out there that are totally safe for a nursing mom, and we'll be happy to critique them for you!

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    with mommal. I also just want to assure you that the frequency of nursing you describe is completely normal. Babies will nurse consistently around the clock for several months, this is normal and needed as baby is growing incredibly fast. Your pump output of no more than 1.5 oz for a mom who is nursing around the clock is perfectly normal as well. As long as baby is nursing frequently, he will keep your supply up just fine and I would suggest eliminating the pumping so you have more time to relax and enjoy your baby. As mommal suggests, the only unknown factor here is how your supply might respond to the minipill.

    Article: 10 tips for nursing for one year:http://www.llli.org/nb/nbjanfeb06p4.html

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