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Thread: will not eat soild 11 month

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    Default will not eat soild 11 month

    My baby just turned 11 month she was eating soild at least twice a day but now all she wants is to nurse. Also how to i go about weaning i would like to have her weaned by summer because I will be working a lot more.

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    Default Re: will not eat soild 11 month

    If you wish to gently wean, I suggest these two books: How Weaning Happens and The Nursing Mothers Guide to Weaning. If baby is not eating lots of solids by the time you wean you may need to talk to your pediatrician about what would be appropriate supplementation. Also, just FYI, there is no need to completely wean. If you no longer wish to pump at work, you could continue to nurse when at home. This is called partial weaning.

    Generally speaking, as long as baby is healthy and gaining appropiately it can be perfectly normal for a baby to not be into solids yet. As far as why baby stopped taking solids and just wants to nurse, maybe bb no longer likes what is being offered, or how it is being offered. For example, if you have been spoon feeding, maybe try foods baby can pick up and feed herself.

    It could also be that baby is not feeling well, or is teething, whatever, and just wants that delicous milk for now.

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