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Thread: Nothing Better Than Positive Feedback

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    Talking Nothing Better Than Positive Feedback

    I went and had my pump checked today by a local LC to make sure it was up to the normal standard and I feel so much better after being so stressed here lately. I know the girls on here are very supportive but sometimes you need to face to face support to help you get through BF when there is lack of support at home. I've never been so reassured in my life! I have never been told I was doing the greatest thing for anyone or that I had made the best decision and that I'm doing everything right. BFing is amazing no matter what my lack of sleep and lack of support says otherwise

    Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for each girl on here and their words of wisdom and encouragement. Great job ladies!
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    So glad you're feeling better, mama! I am that sometimes there's no substitute for hands-on help.

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    sounds like a great visit
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