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Thread: Plugged duct Not going away. Now what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*LLLKaren View Post
    FWIW, whenever I had a plugged duct, hand expression in a really hot shower worked the best. A heating pad did nothing. For some reason, it was the moist heat that made the difference for me. I don't know why!
    For me it was always a hot bath, hand expressing and massaging UNDER the hot water. It just seems to loosen everything up.

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    Default Re: Plugged duct Not going away. Now wha

    So the plug is back in exactly the same location as of this morning, ugh!!!! It doesn't help that I have a nasty head cold and feeling pretty awful with congestion and sore throat.

    I've started taking lecithin, took a really long hot shower and been nursing the baby on that side as much as possible. I'm really puzzled as to why the plug keeps happening and feeling really demoralized and exhausted.

    Any words of encouragement or advice would be really appreciated.

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    Sorry, mama! Often plugs crop up in the same locations over and over again. Often the baby's nursing style is to blame- something about her latch causes blisters (which are like callouses that form over a milk pore) to form, or she just doesn't drain a certain portion of the breast well for whatever reason. If this is the case, altering your nursing position may help. Another potential cause would be pressure put on a certain part of the breast by a bra, or even by a diaper bag or purse! So you might want to see if changing something in that area makes things better.

    Hang in there, mama! I know this stinks, but recurrent plugs don't usually trouble your entire nursing journey. They will probably become less frequent in time, and eventually disappear.

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