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Thread: BF before solids??

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    Default BF before solids??

    Ok, so I just want to understand this whole feeding solids thing. My DD will be 6 months in about a week. We started her on the whole rice cereal thing about a week ago. The first time we tried it, I BF her first. Now I feed her cereal and tahn BF But it looks like I am doing this wrong! I just want to make sure I start off right. Can I stop feeding her cereal and move on to veggies/fruits?? She definently knows how to swallow the food, she is doing very well at that whole gag reflex thing. So like ok she gets at 6-6:30am, and than again at like 10am and than again at 1:30pm. So if i wanted to feed her something for breakfast, I should BF her first and than do I wait a while to feed her a solid food or do it right away?? I'm afraid I'll over feed her.
    Also, when should I start feeding her twice a day? LIke do breakfast and dinner? How do you know when to start doing that? And BF first...how long after do you give them solids than??

    This whole thing just seems so confusing because I read one thing, and than I'll read a different thing. Alot of things I've raed say that at 6 months they can be eating twice a day....??

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    Default Re: BF before solids??

    Truly, in the first year of life, solids are for experimentation only. Have you heard about child led solids? It is truly a wonderful way for your lo to start solids. They don't need any of the nutrition or calories from solids...your milk is all they need for the first year! But they do "need" to start experimenting with tastes, textures and swallowing. There are several threads below devoted to this method of introducing solids, if you are interested!

    You definitely want to continue to nurse your lo before you feed solids. You can wait about an hour and then feed solids, so that baby is neither ravenous nor stuffed!

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    Default Re: BF before solids??

    I agree with the PP on 2 issues. BF first because that's the main source of nutrition for the first year, and they do need to experiment with textures and all.
    I'm not a big fan on "baby led" feeding. It's my OWN opinion though with my own reasoning and I have nothing against those that do like it. I make my DS' baby food and he loves it. We are all having fun with the experimentation. He's had squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, prunes, and pears. Once DS started swallowing the cereal good I went ahead and moved him to solids at 5 1/2 months. He looks like a little bird leaning forward with his mouth wide open wanting the spoon. Don't stress, have fun, and you'll know what you need to do for your baby, you're the mommy. Best of luck!!!

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    Default Re: BF before solids??

    I'm not a big fan of the "baby let" approach either, but again thats just MY opinion.

    Your lo is only 3 days younger than my lo! How many times a day do you feed him solids? And do you wait awhile after you bf? like an hour? 1/2 hour? I want my dd to kind of be on a schedule so that i know when she eats and such...and right now she is kind on one.

    What do you think? thanks!

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    Default Re: BF before solids??

    So when I BF her first, when would be a good time to give solids..right after? 1/2 hr? Or do i just go by her cues? I'm just kind of confused as to how this will work...because when you feed them first and than BF they eventually keep eating mor and more solids and tahn will just wean themselves away from that BF time. But if you bf first, how do yuou know when you should start giving them more food?
    IM SO CONFUSED!! haha

    Please help!

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