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Thread: Number of feedings and supply

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    Default Number of feedings and supply

    Hi, my baby is 3 weeks old and we had problems with a shallow latch and cracked nipples. I got a lot of wonderful advice here and although the latch is not perfect yet I feel we are improving. I have some questions about the duration and number of feedings and hopefully you can give some answers:

    - my baby takes almost 1 h at each feeding; is this normal? how do I know he is not having too much or too little milk?

    - how do I know he has finished the first breast? he always dozes of after 5-10 minutes, then I wind him and offer him the same breast 2-3 times; only then I switch to the other breast. is this correct?

    - I worry that most of the time he goes 3h30 min or even 4 h between feedings; ped says not to wake him since he is gaining weight; should I not?

    - should I worry my supply may go down with only 6-7 feeding per day?

    - oh and he is gaining well, I can feel a nr of letdowns and I see him drinking

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    My guy had a shallow latch at first but sucks hard and as his mouth has gotten bigger he can get in most of the nipple.

    If he is gaining well and you hear good swallows then he's doing fine. He sounds a little like a sleepy baby. He may wake up more when he starts growth spurting in a week and again at 6 weeks.
    Allow him to stay on the breast as long as he is actively drinking. The more he nurses the more you will make as he gets bigger and more hungry. Try various things to keep him awake. Have his shirt off so you are skin to skin, tickle his feet, blow on face, or tickle under his chin.
    If he is out and not actively drinking after fifteen or 20 minutes unlatch him, burp him, and offer the other side. Keep both breasts even.
    A baby that little may have to be woken to feed since they should go no longer than four hours between feeds.
    As soon as you think your baby has a timeline he will change it up on you.
    My guy varies from 1.5 to 4 hours any time, day, or week. The first few weeks he fed a lot like your guy. Now at 8 weeks he feeds every 2.5-3 hours and is on each breast about ten minutes or more and he always loves to change it up.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Number of feedings and supply

    First off... Congrats on your baby! One of the things I've learned about BF is that its always Unpredictable and unique to each individual The first few weeks, especially before 8 wks, bf should be on demand, forget about timing, and "schedules". I hardly look at the clock and when i do its just to see the time, not for timing the feedings. My LO is almost 4 wks old and i nurse whenever he is hungry and from both breast. we nurse, do skin to skin and nap on and off throughout the day. there are times that he is on my breast for like what feels hours, and other times he sleeps for 2, 3, and 4 hours. at this point is more about nursing on demand, output and wt gain. one thing i'm doing this time around is dedicating myself to nursing and mothering my newborn without interruptions, my mom and hubby do everything in the house and take care of, so that i can take care of my baby and even have time to dedicate time to my 2 yr old!
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    Default Re: Number of feedings and supply

    I think this article is helpful for its take on what is normal and expected with a breastfed baby: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing.html

    At LLL we say "Let baby finish the first breast first" Sometimes baby will fall asleep or be satisfied and not want the other breast yet. IN that case, I would offer teh other breast at the next feeding, even if its just a few minutes later, unless I was still feeling very full on the first breast.

    Go ahead and wake baby if you like, especially if you are feeling engorged. You cannot overfeed a breastfed baby. If you are feeling full between feedings that will slowly decrease your milk supply. Or just offer the breast while baby is asleep, babies can nurse in sleep.
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