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Thread: Change in BMs and spitting up more

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    Question Change in BMs and spitting up more

    I've recently started eating healthier - more whole grains and veggies (though I wasn't really UNhealthy to start with) - and I've noticed my 2 month old has started having yellow frothy poop and spitting up a bit more. She's very happy and thriving (89th percentile in weight!) so I'm not terribly concerned, but wonder if it could have something to do with my diet or if I should be doing something differently???

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    Poop changes--and so does spit up. On average, spit up peaks at about 4 months, which was my experience with my last one.
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    I agree with PP. Yellow is the best color for BF baby poop, especially if it looks like there are seeds in it.
    If she isn't upset or fussy before and after spitting up and is generally happy then she's fine.
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    My guy pooped at every feed, now he has only has smears and big blowouts every other day. He also never spit up the first few weeks, now that he is bigger and eats more he has a little spit up all the time. When they spit up it always appears to be more milk than it is.

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    My little one does the same thing his BMs and spit-ups (Amount, color, and texture) Change on almost a daily basis. At first I blamed it on my diet. After I talked with his pediatrician however she pointed out that breastfeeding women tend to blame everything on themselves or their breastmilk. Which is so true in most cases! It should be fine. The only thing I noticed in my LO was that anytime I ate broccoli he would be extremely gasy, but so would I. (sorry TMI) That's why it's always a good idea to have gas drops on hand ^.^
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