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Thread: Trying to breastfeed w/ Saline Implants

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    Default Trying to breastfeed w/ Saline Implants

    My son is 5 weeks old and I've been "trying" to breastfeed since the beginning. I had breast surgery about 4 years ago, I had saline implants with the incision underneath my nipple. I had "tuberous" breasts and got implants to give them a more natural shape. When I asked the surgeon about breastfeeding he said that he didn't know if I could breastfeed unless I already had the ability to breastfeed.
    I feel that I'm not producing enough milk for my son. I pump when he naps (I have the Medela Advanced Pump N Style) to help keep up my supply since he will sleep for 3-5 hours at a time. But when I pump I only get maybe half an ounce total and it is really frustrating. I'll usually breastfeed for 10-15 minutes on each breast and then supplement with formula. He generally will cry if I put him down after breastfeeding and it's hard to get anything done.
    My breast have never felt engorged (my husband doesn't think they've gotten bigger either), I've been taking fenugreek, breastfeeding teas, and drinking beer (only 1 a night). However when I've pumped my supply still hasn't increased. I know I'm obsessed with the number that the pump produces but I can't help feeling that my son isn't getting enough. If I exclusively breastfeed I'm afraid that I won't be able to leave him with my husband for awhile (so I can go out with friends or eventually get a job again)
    Does anyone have any advice for me?

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    Default Re: Trying to breastfeed w/ Saline Impla

    Is this your condition?
    If so it may not be the implants. Sorry mama. There are other options to provide your baby with milk. Such as:
    But I do not think this is endorsed by LLL.

    ETA: breastfeeding is not all or nothing. The amount of milk you are providing for your child however big or small is still giving your baby health benefits including but not limited to immunities, vitamins, lifetime health benefits for your baby and yourself.
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    Default Re: Trying to breastfeed w/ Saline Impla

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*juno View Post
    ETA: breastfeeding is not all or nothing. The amount of milk you are providing for your child however big or small is still giving your baby health benefits including but not limited to immunities, vitamins, lifetime health benefits for your baby and yourself.

    And also... the all-important comfort nursing. Even with little milk coming out, your baby will get the skin-to-skin contact and emotional nourishment from suckling at your breast. And you will get the bonding too.
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    Default Re: Trying to breastfeed w/ Saline Impla

    It sounds like you may have had insufficient glandular tissue even before the implants (IGT, hence the tubular shaped breasts...) It can be very difficult to make enough milk with this condition. Hugs... I have a friend who had good results with goats rue and domperidone. She was not able to ebf, but she was able to provide quite a bit of her daughter's nutrition. I will say, with this particular condition, lots and lots of pumping won't work, and will probably stress you out You could get a SNS type system to provide supplement at the breast though?
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    Default Re: Trying to breastfeed w/ Saline Impla

    Keep trying. You are doing great. Take one issue at a time and I'd start with the milk production if you can. Worry about time away and jobs later because being a sane mom during this time is the most important job in the world right now. I didn't have implants but I never felt engorged either. I have read some studies that beer might actually impair the letdown so I'm not sure if that is the best solution. I'm sorry I have no idea where i found them but I think they were links from kellymom.com. Sometimes stress can decrease your supply and worrying about milk can really stress you out. Keep the milk going even if you can't exclusively breastfeed because the benefits of breastmilk and bonding time are well worth it even if you can't do it 100 percent of the time. MANY women feel they aren't producing enough when they actually are. If you do exclusively breastfeed you can watch your childs diapers for quick results. But honestly to boost production the best thing you can do is take care of yourself by eating well and sleeping when you can. Let the housework and other obligations slide. I know it might not seem like it but this time will pass quickly.

    oh and my daughter was a HUGE comfort nurser
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    Default Re: Trying to breastfeed w/ Saline Impla

    That sure sounds like IGT. I'm working with a mama IRL with this condition. She has never been able to breastfeed successfully. She is also obsessed with the pumped amounts, to the point she was writing it all down.

    I would also suggest domperidone. And maybe not pumping so much. Pumping is an exercise in futility when you have IGT. No matter how much you pump with IGT, it doesn't help it just makes you nuts. Instead, try finishing all feedings at the breast. Cosleep. I couldn't nurse my fourth son, but I can tell you it is possible (just more difficult) to practice attachment parenting with a bottle in there too. Babywear. All those other things.

    But... It could also be a case of whee your supply equals baby's needs, hence being unable to pump. What happens if you don't supplement? Are baby's diapers OK? What happens if you keep feeding baby without watching the clock? Watching the clock isn't terribly helpful either.

    BTW, crying when you put him down is a normal baby, not a hungry baby Try a sling.
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    Default Re: Trying to breastfeed w/ Saline Impla

    I strongly suggest the books Making More Milk and Defining Your Own Success. I would also suggest you get a professional assessment by a lactation consultant who has experince in low milk supply. You need to do much more research into what could be causing the low milk supply, the low pump output, or whatever is going on. Babies cry when they are put down because they want to be held, not neccesarily because they are hungry. And pump output can be a very unreliable measure of milk production. Based on your history it certainly is possible you are not able to make enough milk but in that case breastfeeding need not be all or nothing. As far as exclusive breastfeeding keeping you from getting a job or going out with friends-that is just not a reason not to at least try to breastfeed as long as you want to otherwise. Lots of moms pump when they go back to work, or combo feed when they go back to work (formula during separations, nursing the rest of the time) Moms can easliy take baby with them for outings, or leave baby at home with dad on occasion with a bottle.

    BTW here is The LLL policy on milk sharing is here: http://www.llli.org/release/milksharing.html

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