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Thread: Pumping more than a year

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    Question Pumping more than a year

    My 16 month old, eats food during the day like a champ but still really enjoys her pumped breastmilk when I am away from her at work. She drinks every drop - every time.

    I figure there is no reason to replace her pumped breastmilk with cows milk or any other type of milk since my milk is better for her.

    I totally don't mind continuing to pump for her while I am at work.

    I am just wondering how many others pumped for more than a year for their LO?

    How long did you pump?

    How did your frequency change over time after the first year? (times per day)
    <Abigail 9/6/10>

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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    I'm exclusively pumping and plan to continue until the end of March when Emily is 18 months and 1 week.
    I started at 8 times perday until 12 weeks
    7x/day until 8 months
    6x/day until 1 year
    5x/day for about 2 months
    4x/day during the work week once I started my new job (at 14 months) with 5x/day on the weekends

    I plan to go to 3x/day when I start pump weaning in the final month and then decrease the time of each pump every few days provided I don't get too engorged...
    Marley & Emily 9-24-10
    (Done as of 5-23-12)

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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    i pumped for about 15 months i think. I pumped three times a day (at work only) for a year then went down to two -- i never had a huge supply at work, so i didn't have to worry too much about being engorged -- i remember one day just being done, and would just hand express if i needed to relieve any discomfort. You're right, there is no reason to replace, but you may just want to introduce to cows milk because it's likely that one day you'll just get to the point where you don't want to pump anymore.... or you decide you want another LO, or something else that impacts your supply happens. Either way, way to go Mama!
    Julia and Maxwell (and Dan and Haddie)
    Maxwell, born January 3, 2010
    A year on Mama's milk and still loving it

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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    wow! good job ladies I to you guys. I'm at a week and a half of pumping at work and despising every minute of it. Necessary evil is what I keep reminding myself. Plus, it gives me an excuse to lock my door and escape. They don't know it takes me 15 -20 mins. So what if I'm gone for 30
    Married 10/30/10 to DH Ryan
    DD Ruby 9/20/11

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    I breastfeed because I couldn't produce enough formula.

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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    I have pumped different lengths of times for different LOs, but I am not working FT and thus had no real need to pump long term. But if I add up the time, I have pumped for about three years total, including this EPing experience which is not yet done.

    I am facing a second year of pumping for #4.
    Mama to my all-natural boys: Ian, 9-4-04, 11.5 lbs; Colton, 11-7-06, 9 lbs, in the water; Logan, 12-8-08, 9 lbs; Gavin, 1-18-11, 9 lbs; and an angel 1-15-06
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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    I pumped for ten months but that's not an option on the poll.

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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    I EP'ed for 14-15 months, for both my daughter, and I donated to another baby that I fed for about 13 months too. I had a huge freezer stash too (over 1500 + oz), but I had to stop giving my daughter BM, and switch her to goat milk (she can't digest cow). She would not eat any solid food when I was giving her BM. She was almost 15 months and would eat nothing but some meat. So once I switched her onto goat she started eating solids again. No matter how little BM I gave her, she would hold out for BM and not eat solid food. I was one of the lucky people whom could only pump 2-3 times a day after about 7/8 months and still get 40 oz. I was only pumping once a day after 12 months and still geting over 25+ oz, so it was such a let down when I had to stop.

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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    DS is 10 months and I am counting down the days! We'll see what happens once he's actually 1 though. I'm not sure yet what we'll do with bottles/food at daycare.
    ~ Megan

    Mommy to Alex (born 2/27/11) and Katie (born 3/31/14)

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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    Slowly started pump weaning a little after 12 mo. By then I was very tired of it! Stopped at 14 mo, I think and had freezer stash to last another couple of months.
    Mama to M, BF 17mo
    and H, born Feb '12

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    Default Re: Pumping more than a year

    I honestly have no clue what I will do.
    July 27 2011

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