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Thread: Diagnosed with diary allergy ?

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    Question Diagnosed with diary allergy ?

    My son is 4 months old and was not gaining the weight the doctor wanted , he never lost but slowly gained , the doctor said we must substatute him with forumla then once his weight gets up can go back to fully breast feeding , the formula had given him bloody mucus in his poop. She switched him from simalac advanced to simalic alumentum , same thing blood in mucus . We spent 4 days in the hospital for Failure to thrive . Went thru the whole list blood work thryriod nothing was wrong , after many test coming up fine they came up with allergy to all diary , and that I must cut out all diary because he is allergic to it from my milk , and the only symptom was slow weight gain , he was born 8 - 10 and left the hospital 8 - 3 . And is now 11 - 3 I have very good supply and he has a great latch . I do not understand how they came up with this verdict , has anyone else been in this situation ? Help please.

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    My son is allergic to dairy (among other things) it's tough at first to cut dairy from your diet, but once you get used to it, it's not so bad. My guess would be that they did a blood test to determine the allergy but if they didn't explain that you should call the doctor and ask about it. The pattern you described sounds like it could be a dairy allergy- slow weight gain, bloody/mucousy diapers that get worse with formula. But honestly if you don't understand, call the doctor and make them explain it to you. We can guess at how they might have come to that conclusion, but obviously we can't know for sure.
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