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Thread: this wont kill my supply will it?

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    Unhappy this wont kill my supply will it?

    We had a family function yesterday and I was not able to nurse but twice in about a 10 hour period...and I forgot a piece to my pump so I couldn't even do that either. Needless to say, I was completely engorged pretty much all day (and miserable). I nursed and pumped as soon as I got home last night and have done do twice since then but I am still feeling really full and sore, I cant seem to empty out.

    Did being engorged for so long have any long term effect on my supply? I sure hope not! And how, other than nursing constantly can I get back to feeling normal again...

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    Default Re: this wont kill my supply will it?

    Hopefully not. It may go down for a few days, but just keep pumping and nursing to pick it right back up again. Try to drain them completely to avoid mastitis and massage those puppies at the end and after a session of pumping.

    What did baby drink? If you continue to supplement your supply will go down and baby can develop a preference for the bottle. Next time go and hide somewhere or bring a coverall to nurse baby.

    I know how it can be at a family function, but you have to put nursing as a priority early on.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: this wont kill my supply will it?

    Good advice from the PP. But please don't make a habit of doing what you did! Once won't kill your supply, but doing it routinely might.

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    Default Re: this wont kill my supply will it?

    Agree with pp. If baby isn't drinking I personally would pump one really good time and offer breast to baby super frequently.
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