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Thread: frustrated with latching on...

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    Default frustrated with latching on...

    I have a one month old daughter as of today. We are/were using the shield when nursing and as of the last 24 hours, she is struggling with wanting to latch on. She has never had a problem prior with latching on and always nursed great and for a great amount of time. But in the last 24 hours, she is screaming bloody murder when trying to latch on and wants nothing to do with the shield (which I know in the long run, is a blessing in disguise). I have been offering just my nipple and after a while, she will latch on (after about five to ten minutes, and she nurses for only about five minutes). My point is, is that she won't latch on regardless of shield or not...but she will take a bottle if I put that to her mouth (of breast milk). Now with using a shield, the transition back and forth to a bottle has never been an issue before. So why now?
    Her diapers are all fine and her sleeping habits might be a bit more in the last 24 hours.
    Why is she screaming and not wanting to latch on in these last 24 hours (but willingly takes my milk if its been expressed)? I have changed positions, cleaned my breasts, changed clothes, prompted the nursing by hand expressing so she will attempt to latch on, etc. and nothing seems to help her with nursing.
    What is going on? Am I doing something wrong?
    Help and thanks...
    I have contacted my representative at the hospital here, and they told me to NOT offer a bottle for the next 24 hours. That worries me that she won't get any nutrition.

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    If she is latching without the shield, ditch it. Nurse as often as you can. she may be filling up in 5 minutes. Just watch her diapers.

    And yes, no bottles. She may be developing nipplerefernce. Yes, she will fight you. But this may end with you peacefully nursing shield-free
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    Hi! Sorry to hear you are struggling. Sounds like she is developing a preference for bottles. We went thru that after the nicu. Yuck! But you can get her back. I agree with the pp and the hospital: stop giving her bottles for a while. If you are concerned she's not eating enough from the breast (why? How many wet diapers does she have a day?), you can supplement in other ways: syringe, spoonfeed, sns, finger feed with a tube. Google them and check it out. Most importantly, let her suck for pleasure as much as she wants. No pacifiers right now -- just mama. For us, i got him to nurse while sleeping first. I also would finish feeds with nursing, starting to nurse after he wasnt ravenous. Here's a bunch of great ideas:

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