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Thread: Doesnt want breastmilk in the bottle, is it lipase?

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    Default Doesnt want breastmilk in the bottle, is it lipase?


    I'm new here and I need help..
    I'm a proud mother of a 10 week old baby boy. I went back to work 3 weeks ago so I began pumping out my milk for him to take it while I'm at work, because of my schedule and what not, he is also is taking 1 or 2 bottles of formula a day.
    Everything seemed to be working fine until this week when my mother ( who takes care of him while Im at work) tried to feed him a bottle of BM and he began to spit it out, at first we though he needed to be burp so my mom tried to have him burp and tried to feed him again but, he kept spiting the milk out, she waited a little bit and tried it agan and he kept doing it.
    So we decided to give him a bottle of formula to see if it was something wrong with the bottle or if he was sick or wasnt hungry, but he took the formula just fine. He doesnt have any problems if I offer it to him directly from my breast.

    reading the postings on this site I wonder if its Lipase? or if its that he likes the formula flavor better than the BM ? how can i know if it is lipase? could it be something i ate and gave BM a different flavor that he didnt like? is there anything else that could be causing this?

    i really apreciate any comments i can get...


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    Default Re: Doesnt want breastmilk in the bottle, is it lipase?

    I can't see how any baby could like the formula flavor better. I would bet that it's a lipase problem. How was the milk stored and for how long? IIRC, You may need to scald, or you may just need to freeze immediately, or after a certain amount of time. If I were you, I'd test it. Put a bottle of bm in the fridge and test it every so often until you notice it tasting bad. Then, never leave your milk for longer than that in the fridge. There is a whole thread devoted to this.

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    Default Re: Doesnt want breastmilk in the bottle, is it lipase?

    taste test! If it is lipase it will taste nasty...like metallic, soapy. I discovered excess lipase in January...the first bottle I tested (a tiny sip) made me want to throw up! I had given DD milk that was up to 5 days old and she'd taken it no problem, so i didn't notice it until I used some lipase-y milk in cereal & tested that...some babies don't mind the taste

    As PP said, pump some milk & test it every few hours until you notice it starting to turn. You can also try giving your LO EBM that's fresh, 1 day, 2 days old, etc. to see how long you can go w/o scalding. If baby will take it, you don't need to scald, even if it tastes funny to you. It's not harmful to them, just tastes off. It takes some troubleshooting, but once you get the hang of it it's not too bad. If you can, give fresh (like from the previous day maybe) EBM in his bottles as much as possible & just scald what you plan to freeze. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Doesnt want breastmilk in the bottle, is it lipase?

    Juno, yeah I know! I never though about Lipase until I began doing some searching on things that may cause him not to want BM, that is how I got to LLL..I really apreciate your guys comments, I will do the test and will let you guys know if it was Lipase or not.

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    Default Re: Doesnt want breastmilk in the bottle, is it lipase?

    Yep, check for lipase, try scalding, try seeing how long you can store the milk before it starts tasting off. You can work this out.
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