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Thread: Sleeping/breastfeeding questions

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    My 14 week old typically sleeps from 6:30pm-7:00am (sorry if your lo does not- not trying to rub it in!). I enjoy this, but am concerned regarding my own milk supply and his getting enough during the day. Should I be concerned or just enjoy it? He nurses on demand during the day, and eats typically every 1.5 hours. When I wake up in the mornings I am VERY full and my shirt is soaked! I have had some oversupply issues and I know I shouldn't, but sometimes before I go to sleep at night I will pump to store the frozen milk and so I am not so full in the mornings. I tried not pumping for a few weeks before bed and my supply did not seem to decrease much as I was still extremely full in the morning. His weights have been increasing (8lb 3oz at birth, 14lb 2oz at 13 weeks) and he has multiple poopy diapers per day and 7 wet diapers. Thanks!
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    Sounds good to me, though I'm no expert. But I'd take the sleep, esp since your supply doesnt seem to suffer. Besides, that will help that nipple recover!

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    At this age, if baby is gaining weight and diaper output is normal, you can let them sleep. Enjoy the sleep and don't count on things staying this way! Many babies start to switch things up a bit when they start teething and getting mobile.

    A friendly warning: A baby who sleeps through the night means a return to fertility for many women. You may see the return of your period (or you may not, but the odds are you will sooner than if you were nursing all night), and you should use birth control if you don't want to get pregnant again this soon.

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    Yeah I didn't want to see AF return, and since we were trying to make sure LO's weight gain was good, I'd wake him after about 4hrs to nurse at night (or when I felt uncomfortable). But I agree with PPs...sounds fine.
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