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Thread: Pumping in the middle of the night.

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    I just wanted to add in that I had to EP from day one because my baby would never suck, and still doesn't really at almost 2 years old. I tried everything, for months and months, and even went to the Newman clinic (I am near Toronto), and nothing worked. However, my daughter was very small at birth, being only about 5.5lbs (she was 38 weeks), yet from a few months on she was taking around 6+oz a feeding (or more in the morning). When she was around 6 months old she was taking in over 8+ oz in her morning bottle (after sleeping 12 hours). She only ever took about 5-6 bottles a day after 6 weeks (not every one was over 6 oz though). I was lucky to be able to pump easily and have lots of milk (80+ oz a day) though. My baby was STTN at about 8 weeks (7 hours) and at about 4 months she was sleeping about 10 hours.

    I wonder if one of the reasons why everyones babies seem to eat less at a time, but more often is because they are up at night eatting. My baby wasn't so she needed to get her milk in during the day. Plus since I was able to give her that much milk at once, then she took it. However, she didn't eat more milk then the average baby most of the time.

    @kase1025 maybe your baby drinks that much from the breast and therefore expects it from the bottle and you just do not respond as well to the pump.

    My baby gained lots of weight in the first 4 months (up to about 15lbs), but then slowed down and was about 19 lbs at 12 months. She loved her milk, and wouldn't eat solid food until I stopped pumping at around 13-14 months.
    So I might not be the norm, but my daughter always took big bottles, but fewer of them. So don't worry, all babies are different and just because other people on this board have experienced lower amounts at each feeding, it doesn't mean that your baby needs too.
    I never have responded to this debate before, because I feel that everyone thinks that the only way to feed a baby is small, frequent bottles. However, that is not EVERY BABY.

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    Ahh- thank you SO much for your response! My baby doesn't wake up to feed at night either. I feel better about her big bottles now.

    The past 2 nights we have stopped putting rice cereal in her bottle. She still gets a SMALL bottle after nursing (because I KNOW she's still hungry) but we are slowly dropping the amount and doing more rice cereal in the solid form. The reason we are doing cereal already is b/c our ped. said to go ahead and start, so we did. Soon we will do rice cereal 2 times a day, and then at 6 months we will start with vegetables. Thanks for everyone's input.

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    I do want to chime in about my experiences.

    My son would actually drink up to 8oz bottles, when he was around 6 months. He would take 4-8oz bottles until we started solids and the oz decreased.

    My girls drink 6oz bottles when I am at work. They have been doing that since ~5 months. They have been STTN (~12 hours most days) since 4 months old.

    I would suggest smaller bottles, just so you don't have to stress about making as much. Sometimes my girls get 5oz bottles when I am at work instead of 6oz bottles, and there is hardly any difference. Worth trying!
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    Is it possible for you to pump a third time after school lets out and all the children are gone? You won't be running on empty when you get home for the 4:30 feeding because your breasts are never empty. Maybe that would help out. Or instead of waking up at 1am, you could wake up before she does in the morning and pump one side and let her feed on the other side (depending on how much and how long she usually feeds in the morning).
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