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    Hi ladies- I have a question about birth control. I have a two month old daughter and am looking to get the mirena IUD. I have researched it and I am aware it is a progesterone only birth control and it only secrets the hormone locally to the uterus. However I am still concerned with any effect it may have on my milk supply. I have read a lot and it is approved for bf mommas and safe with lactation but am curious to others experience if any. Thanks!!

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    Have you thought about the paragaurd (copper IUD)? It doesn't have any hormones.

    The mirena is supposed to be safe but some mothers have had it affect their milk supply. That doesn't mean it won't work for you though.

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    with the PP. The problem with Mirena is that there's no knowing if it will affect your supply or not until after you've had it placed. And if it does affect your supply and you decide you need to get it removed, you're stuck with it until you can get an appointment.

    If you're set on an IUD, ParaGard is the more conservative choice. If you want a hormonal method, the mini-pill might be a good option, because if it affects your supply you can immediately stop taking it.

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