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    It is said that you should introduce 1 food every so many days so if there is a problem you know which food it was.

    how would you know that it was a problem, what would be the signs to look for?

    I know that this has probably been asked but, where do you find info that explains when lo is ready for solids?? I've heard things like when they reach for the food and so forth. Sorry know the ? sound silly but rather be safe than sorry.

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    here are a couple of links that should help you get started.

    Is my baby ready for solid foods?

    When should my baby start solids?

    as for allergic reactions...i'm guessing you'd just look for something out of the norm (eg - rash, swollen face/neck, maybe a fever, etc).

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    I knew AJ was ready because he watched everything we put in our mouth and started mimicking our chewing motions as well as trying to take the spoon. Just on a whim I put a spoon in his mouth after I took a bite and he did the same thing (the spoon was empty) So, I pureed up some apples and gave him some on a spoon and it was off to the races. I make his own food. So far we've had sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, apple, and pear. I puree his food but I still leave it with more texture than the store bought food. He sits in his high chair with mommy and daddy at meal times and eats with the grown ups. He gets mad if you wait too long with the spoon though. Sometimes I will slice and apple and let him gnaw on it. Some days he'll eat like a horse and some days, like today and yesterday, he's not much into it. We don't force the issue, whatever he wants, he gets, be it mommy and food or just mommy. As far as the rash/interaction is concerned, I'm watching for redness around the lips and anal area, respiratory issues, stuff like that. We don't have hardly any allergies in our family except for one cousin of DH with a SEVERE peanut allergy. Anyway, I use the website www.wholesomebabyfoods.com for recipies just because I was so new to making my own food. I LOVE the site. Very helpful and SOOO easy to do. Cheap too. One thing though, I made the "Banana Applesauce" DS LOVED it but it constipated him a little bit too. Banana's, Apple's, Rice, and Toast (BRAT diet) is something we use in the hospital to help form the stool of babies with diarrhea. It's bulk forming so just go slow in the beginning to make sure he's digesting the food good. Solids are WAY different than the BM he's been used too. HTH. Good luck

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