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Thread: when n how much to pump?

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    Default when n how much to pump?

    I dun want to breastfeed baby during day.
    Can I have advice on when n how much to pump to feed her during the day and nurse her at night?
    I really dun know how to start. BB is 6 weeks old and feeds so irregularly. I dun know how much she drinks and how often she drinks.
    How do you ladies time your volume and pump timings to coincide with your bb's needs?

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    Default Re: when n how much to pump?

    I think this is the PPD talking. And I think deciding to not breastfeed during the day is an unrealistic decision that you don't realize is going to take more time and not free you up as much as you think. It only works for the working mothers because they are not at hime and someone else is caring for the baby, but most say pumping even in those situations is a lot of work.

    But it would be realistic to pump enough for a bottle, if you have someone around to watch the baby for you, so you can get a couple hours.

    You have also mentioned that you seem to have oversupply and over active letdown. Pumping has to be done in a smart way to not worsen those conditions. Ideally, a mom with OS and OALD doesn't pump.

    Since you are determined to do this -- and I truly think this is from the PPD talking, a d someday you might regret this decision -- I will give some suggestions, as I'd rather you succeed than quit or get bad advice that ultimately results in you failing.

    Try the following:
    Pump one side while nursing, or..
    Pump about an hour after nursing.
    Pump in the morning, when you seem to have the most milk, or
    Pump in the evening after baby has gone to bed for a couple hours.
    Just pump a couple ounces, no more; don't pump to empty or you stimulate more production. Most babies only need 1 to 1.5 oz per hour of separation from mom.

    Those things will get you a bottle so you have a feeding available. If you really want to not pump during the day, read up on how the working moms pump at work, which is basically pump every 2-3 hours. Not very easy if you are in the middle of a workout

    Have a good pump available. Don't use a cheap pump. Be sure your horns are the right size or you will get very sore.
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    Default Re: when n how much to pump?

    Terrific advice from the PP, as always.

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