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Thread: About uneven breasts

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    Default About uneven breasts

    My book, "The Nursing Mothers Companion" says to feed off of the smaller one for a day or so to even them out - then when they are more even to alternate breasts again. So i am doing this today and my big breast is so engorged. Which is to be expected - and it has leaked a ton today as well.

    Does it seem like a bad idea to withold the large breast to even themout? I guess if it works, it is ok...what do you guys think?

    I am talking at least 3 sizes in difference between the breasts.

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    If you're uncomfortable on your bigger side, go ahead and feed the baby. I'd suggest you feed the baby on the smaller side first for the next several feedings and then switch.

    Bear in mind, too, that some of this may just be anatomical. Just because one is significantly smaller than the other doesn't necessarily mean it produces less.

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    Default Re: About uneven breasts

    thanks! I do think the larger one produces more - and it comes out faster ans=d sprays all over his face. He pulls away and chokes on that breast on occasion, and when he does that - it is when he chokes.

    I may have always been uneven, but this difference seems HUGE! I have been feeding on the smaller one all day - but the last feeding he seems to want more (probably sucked it DRY throughout the day) so i gave him the large one and he was content

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    Default Re: About uneven breasts

    I wanted to second Jen...my breasts are only one size different, but they are different. I have actually found that the smaller breast is the bigger milk producer! So, if you are uncomfortable on the larger side, go ahead and feed off of it, but maybe start on the smaller side for awhile. You might be surprised that the little one is producing just as much!

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    Default Re: About uneven breasts

    That a great topic; uneven breasts. I have found that the smaller one produces lots more, and also flows better. At first i thought i ought to try and even them out some. But I had this niggling feeling that even if I only had the one smaller breast ( the favorite) I would produce enough milk. I figured "what the heck" and stopped worrying about it. You are making enough milk to please your baby, well it might be nice to try and feel good about that part of it... (?)

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