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Thread: Hit a wall.

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    Yep. I breastfeed because I'm lazy and stubborn and have the "one more time" attitude that never ends. It sucks when there are issues with breastfeeding. It sucks when our children are sick or get hurt or simply exhausting. But it's what we signed up for. Having a baby is hard work. I've never been so emotionally and physically challenged in my life. But I can't imagine I would have been less challenged had I formula fed. And I look back and feel so much pride for sticking with it and making it work. Because it did finally get better. And there are even times it's enjoyable and sweet and fills my heart with love. I hope you can grit your teeth through the bad days because it is worth it. You are doing an amazing and selfless thing.
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    Lazy and cheap, that's me and you and a lot of other people! I was lucky that my LCs did not charge, but I spent $800 on renting a pump, and dollars uncounted on other BFing supplies. Still, that worked out to be cheaper than the $1500-$2000 it would have cost to formula-feed.

    Did the doc do a culture for MRSA?

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    mama, i am so sorry. i was following your struggles from the start and hoping that things would finally become a little easier for you. whatever happens, i hope that you can heal and not have to deal with infections anymore. i am not sure i would have had the same determination and fortitude you have shown if i had had so many challenges.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kst.7399 View Post
    I've never been so emotionally and physically challenged in my life.
    not just from breastfeeding, but from being a mom... no sleep, round-the-clock care for baby etc. i'm often cranky, hungry, tired... YET... i have never been more fulfilled, joyous, and at peace in my whole life. speaking of which, i think baby wants to play! good luck mama, keep us posted.
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