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Thread: Weaning Cold Turkey?

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    just read this thread and wanted to send you so happy to hear that things are looking up. don't have much advice outside of what you're already doing but sending you a cheer leading squad to root you on mama
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    Do you know which ear was possibly infected? And I'm so happy for you that she's nursing again!

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    Lucy's right ear was the one they said was infected and that was the side she would not lay on. However, I took her in to see the doctor yesterday...the nurse I got on the phone was more than willing to bring her in unlike the nurse on Friday who would not. In any case, one of the older doctors saw Lucy and after looking at her ears told me to stop the antibiotic because there was no infection. He said staying on it while there is no infection was just as bad as someone quitting early who was treating an infection. I was FURIOUS! He also said that if she had an inner ear infection that breast milk would not help because it couldn't get through the timpanic (sp?) membrane...however, if she had an outer ear infection he said that it couldn't hurt. I also asked his opinion on teething necklaces but unfortunately he never heard of them.
    On a positive note, Lucy is nursing like a champ and actually pulling at my shirt more often to nurse. She also did start nursing on my left without any problems now too. I am so thankful! Now, I just have to combat her teeth...it seems as if she is catching me more with her teeth and I am very nervous that with the molars coming in she could really injure me. Taking it one day at a time!
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