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Thread: Kefir in a sippy?

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    Default Kefir in a sippy?

    I bought some kefir for my son and I to drink. I put a little bit in a sippy cup for him and he loved it, but it was so gloppy it was hard for him to drink through the spout. I am not familiar with kefir as this is the first time I have purchased it, so did I do something wrong? Is it supposed to be so thick? Did I not shake it up enough? Should I strain it?
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    Default Re: Kefir in a sippy?

    It's pretty thick, have you tried a straw cup? I bet that would be a little easier.
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    Default Re: Kefir in a sippy?

    Yeah it's halfway between milk and yogurt in consistency.

    +1 for straw cup idea... or an "adult" sippy cup (i.e. water bottle / cup with lid and smaller hole for drinking out of). ...or maybe put some in a dish and use it as a dipping "sauce" for finger foods for LO?
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