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Thread: 12 mo old not nursing properly!!!

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    Default 12 mo old not nursing properly!!!

    For over a week now, my 12 month old refuses to latch well on the left side and has actually rubbed raw areas with her 2 sharp bottom teeth. She does better with the right, but it still is not ideal. I have noticed that her sucking motions are different now and they are more like chewing. I have tried over and over to reposition, relatch, have been firm with her when she is doing it incorrectly, have praised her when she does it right, tried ending nursing sessions. I don't know what else to do!! I am very frustrated and fear that weaning is in our future. I gave up on our nursing session this morning and pumped because I can not allow her to do more trauma to my poor breasts! Any ideas out there for how to get her to open wide, latch on properly and STAY latched properly?

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    I ended up using a totally different position when one my babies did that. In his case, the top teeth were killing me. I showed him what to do and we kept working on it. It went away, and I nursed him for almost another year until he weaned due to pregnancy.
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    I think you want to experiment with lots of different positions. And just keep on being firm and persistent- if she hurts you, end the nursing session, put her down, and wait a bit before picking her back up.

    Wish I had more for you! You're a trooper for putting up with this.

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    Sounds to me like teething is really giving her a tough time. I don't know if this will work, but my pediatrician suggested we wet a washcloth, ring out excess water and stick it in the freezer. It will not freeze hard but it will be nice and cold and pretty stiff. You can kind of shape it the way you want to and let her chew on it until her heart is content. Every expensive teether I have bought just ended up discarded, but this trick really worked for my kids. After she numbs her gums a little she may be able to nurse without the chewing. Also I don't know how you feel about pain relievers but you may want to ask your pediatrician about something for her pain. Some babies just have a really tough time teething where others get by without the first whimper.
    Hope things work out for you.

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