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Thread: First "toddler" post & reflecting on NIP

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    Default First "toddler" post & reflecting on NIP

    Hi mamas... DS will be turning 1 year old on Jan. 7, and I just can't believe how the time has flown. I remember in the early months struggling so desperately with BFing and thinking to myself that all I wanted to do was some day make it past the "nursing your newborn" forum into the "nursing your infant" forum, thinking I had plenty of time to go before I would reach the "nursing your toddler" forum...I didn't even know if we would make it that long...but now we are here and still going strong, despite the tumultuous beginning.

    And now I just read through the thread about what your LOs call your breasts, or how they ask to nurse, and I know that it won't be long before my jibber-jabbering LO starts asking in his special way...at least I hope we keep going long enough for him to be able to ask!

    Another thing I'm reflecting on is how I never had any problems NIP in the beginning, but I've had some issues recently...maybe it is just my perception, but it seems like people are more accepting of a mother BFing a smaller baby. An acquaintance recently told a close friend of mine that I freaked her and her SO because I nursed my son in a restaurant...this acquaintance told my friend that "I really ought to cover up...BFing in public makes others uncomfortable." (My friend stuck up for me, but felt for some reason she should let me know what had been said, though I wish she hadn't...) And today for the first time my mother also told me that I should "cover up" more when NIP. Ah! I've gone a year without any problems, and then all of a sudden I get these comments that I have to admit got under my skin a bit.

    All I have to say to the people who think it's weird for me to NIP my nearly-1-yr-old, just wait until I nurse him when he's 2, god willing!
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    Default Re: First "toddler" post & reflecting on

    Welcome, mama! You are welcome to NIP as you desire! Many mamas stop NIP after a period of time just to set some ground rules with their toddlers. I only NIP now if there's something really wrong or she's really hurt. Otherwise, she doesn't really need it. But it's hard to imagine that when they are just one. I remember! Anyway,

    Congrats on making it to a year! I know what an awesome accomplishment that is.

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    Default Re: First "toddler" post & reflecting on

    I NIP'd until DS was about 15-16 months. I still tend to nurse him on airplanes. Otherwise, my DS doesn't need to nurse out of hunger, and we don't spend hugely long stretches of time out of the house, so NIPing is really not an issue anymore. I have definitely been known to nurse him in the car on the way home from somewhere, though, especially if it's almost nap time and he's getting tired. He's rear-facing, and I typically ride in the back with him while DH drives, and something about being eye-level with the "nah-nahs" makes DS want a snack on the drive home.
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    Default Re: First "toddler" post & reflecting on

    Being from SC where so few women BF I understand your issues with public perception completely. It was tough at the beginning because even my mom thought I was completely nuts when I chose to breastfeed, but now as I am passing the one year mark with my third BF baby she has given up on converting me to the bottle. God bless and have fun with the nah nah's. My older kids refer to me as the mom with the magical boobs(nah nah's can fix anything!) Oh and when I BF at Church all the other mom's tell their kids my baby is sleeping. Is there a cute little anagram for nursing in church maybe NIC. I just want to squirt them all in the eye and scream he is not asleep! Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure Jesus Christ didn't suck enfamil from a platex! Sorrry for the rant hope I didn't offend anyone, but seriously when did BFing become so taboo. Well I better get off the soap box. Happy trails to you and yours.

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    Default Re: First "toddler" post & reflecting on

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*bzm.mommy View Post
    Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure Jesus Christ didn't suck enfamil from a platex!

    Congrats on making the milestone, aidansmama! You've done a wonderful job. Now all you have to do is ignore the cranks and critics. Don't let anyone make you feel uncomfortable- you're changing the world a little bit at a time. Maybe some mama will see you nursing a toddler and be encouraged to do it herself.

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    AIDANSMAMA: I was lurking since I will be moving up to this forum too And I just thought It was neat that I remember reading your posts on *newborns* and having some simmular issues. Wow Im so cant believe its almost been a year!
    Anyway... I get more negativitie now that DS is bigger when we NIP, it suxs but Im with you on the wait till hes 2 and Im still NIP

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    Default Re: First "toddler" post & reflecting on

    bzm.mommy - right on! You know Jesus probably breast fed until he was about 7....
    "Squirt them in the eye..." that's great! I LOVE it!
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    Default Re: First "toddler" post & reflecting on

    Not to get into a religious debate, but from my recent research of Jews at the time, Jesus actually probably wasn't weaned till around 5.

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