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    Question Supply Dipping

    Well my boobs are being weird. Not making much milk it seems, and my LO isn't content to block nurse anymore. It started with my supply dipping when I "would be" having my period, and then it was low every other week.

    Recently it's been low most weeks. Then I forgot my thyroid replacement medicine one day, and then I got stuck with a crappy pump last week for two days. But I'm taking fenugreek and normally it would be back. But it's not. I normally pump 1X a day and I get 3.5 oz per side. On bad days I pump 2.5. Now i barely can pump 3oz total. LO just turned 16 mos. I know my hormones are crazy and my thyroid dr is checking my prolactin levels. I am worried because I'm pretty invested to making it to two so I don't have to worry about my LOs fat intake since dairy is out.

    Any ideas?
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    You can try taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle together...I think the combo works better than just the Fenugreek itself...that is what I had to take to build my supply up. I still take the Fenugreek. Mother's Milk tea (in the herbal section of most stores) contains both herbs in a lower amount.
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    Honestly I think it just happens when they are toddlers sometimes, any chance of pregnancy? I was getting a significant dip with AF and my sensitive boy was really freaking so I added some domperidone that part of my cycle. It's amazing the supply increase. My kid's in heaven! I normally would do what you are but my son is allergic to fenugreek. I decided to try it as I had some on hand.... I will admit I am a super-responder to Dom though. But if your problem is prolactin it will help that for sure...
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