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    Lately my LO (11 weeks) has been very wiggly and fidgety at the breast. He will start out good, very relaxed, then after about 5-7 min he will start moving around. I thought maybe he had to burp so I would pull him off and burp him. Sometimes he would, sometimes he wouldn't. He pulls at my nipple and it gets very irritated and uncomfortable. I have tried to nurse him in a quiet room, even in the dark, but he still is very wiggly. I used to bottle-feed expressed milk a couple times a day, but the last few days I stopped and have been exclusively BFing him. How can I get him to relax?

    Also, I am going to be returning to work tomorrow, so he will be getting expressed milk via bottle when I am gone, but once I get home I want to be able to nurse him. I feel like he will not want me when I get home, because he will get used to the bottle. How can I keep him wanting me?

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    My son who is the same age has started to do this too. Sometimes I think it's his way of saying "this is awesome, but I refuse to let it put me to sleep". He is relaxed for feeding before naps. For me the main concern is trying to keep him from ripping off my nipples .

    I wouldn't worry about your baby not wanting you once you get home from work. You're "the mom". You are perfect. Just try to make sure that your caregiver follows the recommendations for bottle-feeding a breastfed baby (on kelly mom). Especially since you were able to stay home so long, you should be fine! Good luck at work. Tomorrow is my first day back too!
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    Switch feed when that happens...try the other side. Sometimes they start wiggling around when the flow changes.
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    My 10 week old was/is doing the same. I realized the nursing got his intestines moving and he was just trying to pass gas or poo. When he was done the wiggling stopped. We resumed feeding and he was fine.

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    Joe kicked nonstop in the womb, and when he came out, he just kept it up. He still kicks and wiggles nonstop. He's hard to sleep with! So also, I think part of it is bodily exploration ... and personality. Just keep up what you're doing, try new things, and remember, some wiggly craziness is normal.

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