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Thread: 5wk old drinkg less, zz more.worried!

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    Default 5wk old drinkg less, zz more.worried!

    Is there something wrong w my lil girl?
    She's 5 weeks plus today.

    For the past few days, she has been drinking much less and zzz more. fr 1.5hr feeds to 3-5hr feeds. I cld not be more grateful for the increased zzz time, but it doesn't make sense for it to be coupled with reduced milk intake.

    I know that she's drinking less as she feeds for a much shorter time b4 refusing my breasts, my breasts are still full when she stops drinking, and get engorged way before her next feed.

    She isn't lethargic nor dopey nor feverish or floppy.

    very concerned here.

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    Default Re: 5wk old drinkg less, zz more.worried

    Is the increased time between feedings only at night or during the day also? how are her wet/dirty diaper counts- that is the best way to know if she is getting enough.
    what happens if you offer to feed her more often?

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    Default Re: 5wk old drinkg less, zz more.worried

    It could be that she has a little bug or something. Could also be that she is nursing faster, coupled with your OALD and OS that you have mentioned in other posts, and so she is filling up faster and not needing to nurse as often. If her diaper count is normal, I would roll with it. Nothing is ever consistent with a baby As soon as you get used to this, she will be up and awake to play every hour.
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    Default Re: 5wk old drinkg less, zz more.worried

    Just watch the diapers. If output continues to be normal, you can be confident that input is normal, too. It definitely sounds like you have some oversupply issues going on, so that could explain the faster feedings.

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