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Thread: help, baby won't suck

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    Hi there, I need some help getting my 12 day old baby, Evelyn, to suck at the breast.
    When she was born she was really sleepy (despite no drugs at the birth) and wouldn't latch, then was jaundiced and so was too sleepy to suck very effeciently, then I think she was just sleepy from lack of food (heart breaking). She lost 12% of her body weight in 4 days so i don't think she was getting anything.
    My milk was slow in coming in, and now I can only get 10-20mls 6 times a day when I express. I have a feeling I could produce more if I could get Evie to suckle well.
    To get Evelyn back to birth weight we supplemented her feeds with donated breast milk (there are no milk banks in New Zealand, so it was from friends and family), and when we didn't have enough of that, formula.

    Now that Evie is at birth weight, I keen to try again to get her suckling on the breast. She seems to not want to suck at the breast at all. When the going is good, she'll have a few sucks, manybe one or two swallows, then quit. When the going is bad, she'll cry and frett and get frustrated at the breast and never latch.

    I thought it was frustration because my supply was so low, but oddly Evie will contentedly suck my finger for some time without the same frustration.

    we are at our wits end, any suggestions would be very gratefully recieved!

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    Sorry you are having so much trouble. Babies with jaundice do tend to be sleepy which can make those first few days challenging. So basically you have two issues going on- getting baby back to the breast and making sure that when you get here there that your supply is good. These links have some info on the first part of that- getting baby back to the breast. Don't get disouraged becuase this will take work but your LO is so young yet that it shouldn't be too bad.
    The second part- maintaining a milk supply will get easier as your LO nurses more. this link has some info on that.
    Make sure you have a good quality pump and that you are pumping frequently. Remember that a newborn would nurse about every 1.5 hours so you want to get as close to that as possible. Good luck!!!

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