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Thread: Wheat gluten and oatmeal...

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    Default Wheat gluten and oatmeal...

    I am new to this feeding thing.
    I have some questions...

    1) Would like to ask about introduction of baby to wheat and gluten? There's no allergies in the family history and the baby is 6mths.
    I read that I shouldn't start too early, but neither should I start too late. How do I start? Just feed cereal with wheat? Clueless...

    2) Is there a need for order eg. introduce oatmeal etc before wheat ...

    3) And about brown rice....it is supposed to be better than white rice in nutrition..is there a need to feed brown rice?

    I would be more comfortable with trying one food a few days at a time...so am not sure which goes first. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Wheat gluten and oatmeal...

    How old is baby?
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    Default Re: Wheat gluten and oatmeal...

    I was told wait until at least 9 mos to introduce wheat. Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice. We started with avocado, peaches, pears. Baby cereals made my little girl constipated so we skipped them. If you want to introduce wheat at 9-12 mos, you can do it with pasta or pancakes or whatever your family likes to eat (provided it doesn't contain any other allergens in it).
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