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Thread: Pain with Let down

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    Hello Ladies,
    I can't believe I haved moved to the infant forum, DS is 12 weeks old and we have a very good nursing relationship he sleeps well and eats well. I have in the last few weeks started having pain with my let downs, it has always been a little uncomfortable but the nipple he is nursing on it almost takes my breath away it hurts so bad. Could this be yeast? I was using Newmans nipple cream and everything was good no pain, but within a week of me not using the nipple pain comes back.

    I know I shouldn't use it all the time so could I get some feed back on what has worked well to get rid of yeast?? I feel like it will never go away!!

    Thank you for encouraging me to keep at it we have an awesome thing going here and I love it, Pain and all!!!

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    Does the pain stop with the letdown? Some moms have letdowns that are really quite painful. But if it's hurting the entire nursing, then I would wonder about a latch problem or thrush.

    You can use Newman's cream for a long, long time. In theory, but perhaps not in practice, the steroid in the cream could thin the skin. I've been using it for almost a whole year

    Has baby been treated for thrush? If not, you might not ever get rid of it.
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    Default Re: Pain with Let down

    Yeah, it would help to know exactly when you're getting pain. At the beginning of the feeding? Coinciding with letdown? At the end of the feeding? Or after the feeding is over? Also, how is your nipple shaped when baby unlatches- is it symmetrical like a pencil eraser, or asymmetrical/wedged/creased, rather like a new lipstick?

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    The pain stops after let down, we had latch issues in the beginning but I felt like they were over. It has always been painful when he first latched on but once we got latch fixed the ain stopped. Just in the last few weeks has it been really painful during let down, once it is over we are good.

    I haven't treated him for yeast yet, I think I will try this next. Should I get RX from doctor or any other suggestions?

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    Default Re: Pain with Let down

    Is the pain inside your breasts? maybe even starting high or under your arms? Or just right on the nipple? If its inside, that sounds like letdown pain, and I am not sure what you cna do about that. If on the nipple only, maybe baby is clamping during letdown due to some forceful letdown?

    Yeast would not hurt only during let down. I really doubt its yeast.

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    I have painful letdowns. I don't know why, but sometimes they are REALLY painful, sometimes mildly uncomfortable, and sometimes I can barely feel them. But when they are painful... ouch. Sometimes the pain starts in the underarms, sometimes elsewhere in the breast, and kind of "waves through" all the way to the nipple. It's a very deep, interior pain as lllmeg described.

    I don't really do anything about this. It's on and off, and disappears quickly. I also notice that my whole breast gets ultra-hard during letdowns, you can even see it getting bigger. I think it's the little muscles getting all tight? My obgyn told me something about this once.

    Anyway, I've had this since I can remember and I know it's not thrush.
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