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Thread: Rice cereal at 4 months

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    I was not aware of the info re: Tylenol, am just glad I haven't been using it! Thanks, Amysmom.

    Katia11- thanks for the link! Definitely going to read into it. Sounds like your babe is tall, lean and healthy!

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    Default Re: Rice cereal at 4 months

    My cousin has 2 girls, and they were both 95th % for height and 5th % for weight. Both were super healthy thriving little girls, just super tall and skinny.

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    As a counter case for your doc, my LO was off the chart (like inches above it) for weight at 9 mos and 75% height, and that was all breast milk. He was not big at birth, and for the chart we've used his actual birthdate, not due date. Breastmilk can do crazy great stuff! Then, after the 9 mo appt, we started solids seriously, and he has been getting thinner by the week since. Suddenly my cherub has a waist! So I would say the exact opposite based on my experience: stay ebf to keep him chubby!

    Really, though, I think if you have a fat baby people will blame bm, and if you have a skinny baby they will blame bm. It's like witchcraft: a good cause for any effect that needs explaining. Do you think bm could be the cause of global warming, too?

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    I agree w/ everyone...go w/ your gut! IMO, the whole idea of "give baby cereal at night and he/she will sleep better" is very....old fashioned. He'll sleep a little more at night when he's ready (hopefully soon!). I had some well-meaning family on my husband's side who were....gently nudging....me to start my son on cereal (he was 3 months) bc he was waking frequently at night. While venting to my mom she said "Why would you want to put him in a baby food coma at night? If he's hungry he should wake up and tell you!". Good way to think of it.
    And regarding the weight, my pedi has given me almost opposite advice of yours. My son had hit a bit of a standstill w/ his weight gain and was dropping in his %'s. So my pedi had me hold off on solids/cereal for now (he's 5 1/2 months) and continue to EBF to encourage a little more weight gain on my "skinny minny".
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