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    I read on the book "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" a suggestion not to wake the baby when she falls asleep on the breast in order to burp her.
    What is the best thing to do?
    Not burp her at all and put her to bed?
    Or wait and burp her after a while?
    I realize sometimes she is so relaxed nursing that she does not seem to have air bubbles and she sleeps just fine after it.
    But sometimes she is a little fussy in the beginning and I am assuming she swallows more air, because sure enough, she seems gassy when sleeping, uncomfortable.
    What is the recommendation?
    Is it bad at all to not burp the baby?
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    Breastfed infants often do not require burping. I think the whole "you have to burp the baby" idea came from the old days when bottle-feeding was the standard, and bottle technology was more primitive, and bottle-fed infants ingested a lot of air. Still, some babies do require more burping than others. If your baby always seems uncomfortable without burping, then maybe yours is one. But if most of the time not burping doesn't bug her, there's no reason to wake her.

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    Default Re: Burp Question

    Mine is one that rarely needed burping and sometime just moving her upright to lay on my chest encouraged a burp. Unless she seemed uncomfortable I often didn't worry about it. If she was sleeping, I never did after bfing.

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    Default Re: Burp Question

    I only burp when ds needs it. He gets squirmy and fussy at the breast. DD rarely got burped.
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    corey used to be alot more gassy then he is now but i never wake him to burp him.
    even from being a newborn if he needs to burp he will suck harder n burp while still latched, it feels so weird lol

    if u think she needs to be burping after shes come off just gentle sit her up while still holding her close to u n rub her back

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