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Thread: grief/ shock and milk supply drop???????

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    Default grief/ shock and milk supply drop???????

    My father was ill and passed away within the week last week- I was with him for 3 days and my hubby looked after our nine month old daughter- I came out of the hospital 3 times a day to nurse her and slept with her all night but this was quite distressing time for us all- she may not have fed as much as she did at home- anyway we are home and now organising the funeral- I feel numbish but going through the motions everyday except her nappy output has dropped and I just don't feel like I have milk or that she is swallowing like she used to. I haev been offering her a cup of milk with every meal (having nursed her first as per usual) which she is refusing adn last night she was sucking for hours so I did put some expressed milk in a bottle but she refused that too.

    So does grief/ shock affect a supply? Does anyone have experience of this or of their baby dropping liquid intake and it then sorting itself out??????
    It's taken me 6 and half months of pumping and suppllementing to get her breastfeeding ( I had thyroid issues- she undiagnosed tongue tie) and we finally got it together at 6 and a half months now I feel we've taken a huge step back
    Please help!

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    Default Re: grief/ shock and milk supply drop???

    Stress does affect output. Sorry for your loss. Keep nursing, make sure you drink and eat enough and try to get enough rest. Your supply should return.

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    Default Re: grief/ shock and milk supply drop???

    Your supply will return. Keep nursing as much as possible and try eating things that naturally boosts supply- like oatmeal cookies. You could also try pumping after feeding to make sure the breast is completely drained. The more the breast is drained the more milk that is made.

    I am very sorry about your father
    July 27 2011

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    Default Re: grief/ shock and milk supply drop???

    I agree, I have found at times of stress that my supply will be effected by it. Also, your little one may be feeling and reacting to your stress. Try taking a couple really deep breaths,(it's amazing how much that helps!) before you go to her to nurse, let her nurse as long as she wants. And like the others said, make sure you are empty when she is done, by pumping even if for only a couple minutes when she's done. Things should return to normal soon. OH! and make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, sometimes when you are busy taking care of others you forget yourself. Make sure you don't get dehydrated, because that won't help at all!

    So sorry about the loss of your father,hugs to you and your family

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