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Thread: Heart Broken Mommy - Nipple Confusion

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    Help! Is it too late to correct my Baby's Nipple Confusion? Here is the background:

    My baby girl will be 2 weeks old on Wednesday. She nursed just fine from me in the hospital. The first evening home from the hospital, baby went almost 24 hours without urinating and she was extremely upset (my milk hadn't quite come in yet). We called the pediatrician and he told us to give her a bottle of formula or expressed milk immediately as she was not getting enough to eat. Since then, SHE REFUSES TO NURSE!! Every time I try to nurse her, she puts her mouth around my breast but won't actually latch. Then has a total melt down and cries until her voice becomes hoarse. It kills me!! I am heart broken as I'm a huge believer in Breast Feeding. All I do is cry. It's now been about 9 days since we've been giving her bottles w/formula. The last successful BF session I had with her was 7 days ago. I all but gave up and was extremely depressed. I even went to a Lactation Consultant who suggested a nipple shield but that did no good as my baby couldn't suck any milk thru the shield. My Milk (even when engorged) doesn't exactly "spray" out like other Mom's say. I can hand express it but its only a slow drip - not a spray. Yesterday morning I decided I was not going to give up. I began pumping to get my milk flow stimulated again. I also started taking Fenugreek Supplements to increase my milk supply so I have a strong "arsenal" ready when I try my first attempt again. Any suggestions?? Have I let this go on too long and there is no way to reverse it at this point?? I know I need to stop the use of the bottles immediately but I want my milk supply to be as high as possible so I can be ready just in case I can get her to latch again.

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    No, it is fixable.

    I would suggest an SNS, like a Lact-Aid, so baby gets milk just for trying. Either use it alone, or run the tube under the nipple shield. There are some new brands of nipple shield out, like Avent and Tommee Tippee, which might be easier for your LO to use.

    http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html has some good suggestions.

    Dr. jack Newman says all babies will nurse by the tem they are 8 weeks if mom is persistent, but I can't find the link he has as a how to now.

    Keep pumping and taking herbs. Oatmeal can help too. You can do it
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    Thanks for the words of encouragement Susan. I definitely don't want to give up on this yet. It's just so hard and SO frustrating. I was so naive about breast feeding...I was never even aware that breast feeding "issues" existed. I sure wish I would have taken the BF Classes offered by my Hospital prior to having her. I think I would have been better prepared for this. I think it comes down to a battle of wills and she's definitely winning.

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    It is true, you will never win a battle of wills with a newborn. That's why getting a baby back to the breast isn't about forcing the baby to do what you want, but about gently luring her to do what you want. Check out that link Susan provided, the tips are good ones, especially the instant reward and skin-to-skin techniques.

    Since you're going to be doing a lot of pumping, make sure you have the following:
    - A great pump- I strongly suggest a hospital-grade rental!
    - Correctly sized breast shields
    - A visit with a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC
    - Herbs: fenugreek, blessed thistle, and ordinary oatmeal
    - Drugs: as a last resort, Reglan and Domperidone are prescription drugs which can increase supply as a side-effect. Both have additional side-effects and are not for all moms, so speak to your midwife or doctor before taking either one.

    In addition, getting supply going with pumping requires a lot of time investment. You want to be pumping about as often as a newborn baby eats, which means around every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night.

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    Default Re: Heart Broken Mommy - Nipple Confusio

    You're getting some great advice. My friend had this happen and her baby finally nursed at 10 weeks old. She is now three years old and still nursing a couple of times a day. You can do this! I'm sorry though, this must be so hard
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