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Thread: Sore lipstick nipples and lots of wind

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    My 2 week old son and I are having a few problems with our latch. Everything looks right -fish lips, lots of nipple in his mouth, temples moving etc. But, my nipples are SORE and are lipstick shaped when he's done so I guess the latch is too shallow?. They were covered in tiny blisters for a bit too. Also, he makes a gulping noise each time he swallows. He spits my nipple out frequently -I did have a bit of oversupply at the start, but that's dropped right down now -almost so there's not enough now, his weight gain has slowed down too. I can also easily slip my nipple out of his mouth while he's feeding, there is no vacuum at all.
    Any ideas? I have already tried all the different feeding positions and wait till his mouth is wide open before attempting to latch on.

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    Both my kids have done the same thing, due to over active let down. Their latch would be fine, but they both let go and clamp down on the nipple during let down to try and control the flow. Have you tried leaning back or reclining when nursing?
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