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    My baby will be 2 months Jan. 19th and i have been breastfeeding the whole time, but here recently she keeps spitting the breast out and making noises like there is too much milk coming out too fast what should i do? Should i pump a couple ounces before i feed her. I have plenty of milk to I can pump anywhere from 5-8 ounces and still be able to feed her at a sitting.

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    I had insane overactive letdown, with milk spraying everywhere, when my baby was a newborn. It caused some issues for us with lots of popping off the breast, choking, and biting. I almost gave up on nursing because of the pain from the biting. The only thing that worked for me was nursing reclined. I would lean back against a few pillows and put my baby on top of my chest to nurse. This solved all of our OALD-related issues. Although it didn't help much for me personally, many women find that hand expressing just a little milk before a feed helps or unlatching the baby at letdown and letting the milk run into a towel can be helpful too.

    I also fed my son from one breast only at each feed because of minor oversupply. Back then I could pump ten ounces in one pumping session. If my baby would unlatch during a feed but still seem hungry, I would burp him then see if he would take the same breast. If not, I would offer the second breast. Because it sounds like you've got an overabundance of milk from what you can pump, you might consider trying this too. Oversupply can contribute to OALD.

    I would definitely refrain from pumping as much as possible as this can exacerbate both OALD and oversupply.

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