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Thread: Almost into "Toddlerhood"

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    Default Almost into "Toddlerhood"

    DS will be 1 in less than 2 weeks, and I just wanted to say thank you for the support the boards have given! I honestly didn't post much, but so many of the issues I had were answered in others' posts, so I didn't have to post myself. The advice that I got (directly and indirectly) was so helpful, and it allowed us to reach our goal.

    I'm a runner, and I try to approach each race with 3 goals - 1 is to simply finish, 2 is to run the time I've trained for, and 3 is that super duper, everything goes perfectly goal. I did that for labor and bf'ing as well. My 1st goal was just to attempt bf'ing, really try but not to beat myself up if it didn't work. My next goal was 6 months, and my super duper goal was 12 months+. Luckily, I didn't have any major issues - a few questions and concerns, but my supply has been great and I have supportive people around (not to brag, but I know some people have had a difficult time, and I know mine has been very easy).

    In those first weeks, I thought I'd never make it to 6 weeks, much less 6 months. Then it got easier (like everyone said it would). I didn't love it, but it wasn't horrible. I certainly didn't enjoy it like some people claim. 6 months came and went, and it was still going really well. Through teething, a (very small) dip in supply and stretching my expressed milk to the limit(I went and bought formula one day that I was working and didn't think I had enough expressed, but we didn't have to use the formula), we've made it to a few weeks before his 1st bday. Since I still have a few bottles worth of milk in the freezer, and with him eating solids and drinking cow's milk (with the pedi's blessing) for a few months now, as well as my limited working schedule, I can also stop pumping! That is the main thing I'm excited about. Because although I DID turn into one of those women who actually enjoy bf'ing now () , and will continue to do so, I do sincerely hate pumping and am so glad to be done.

    I'm just hoping someone who may be frustrated or having issues or, like me, wasn't really having major problems but didn't love bf'ing, might read this and know that it can get better/easier/even enjoyable.

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    Default Re: Almost into "Toddlerhood"

    congrats! (and thanks for sharing... I like the runner analogy).
    3/2011 {EBF to 6mos, now BF and BLS, CD, EC'ing since 5mos - in underwear at 11mos, and babywearing}
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    Default Re: Almost into "Toddlerhood"

    thanks for you post and congrats! so jealous you ditched the pump, we are almost there, 2 more months!!!
    mom to ds daniel 12/16/09 and ben 2/27/11

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