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Thread: No more nipple shield!

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    Default No more nipple shield!

    After having some latching issues in the hospital due to my semi flat nipples (The nurse called them flat but LC and midwife said they weren't?) i was given a nipple shield. He latched right on and was an expert nurser. After 7 1/2 weeks of trying to get him to nurse with out the shield it just clicked 2 days ago.

    The only issue is, his nursing sessions are much shorter. He also seems to be a bit more fussy but his diaper output is the same and his BMs are still mustard color. I'm sure he is getting enough and I'm just being paranoid because i can't actually see milk filling up the shield and it just seems too good to be true

    I just thought someone might have a similar story to make me feel more at ease. Thanks!

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    Default Re: No more nipple shield!

    The big issue with shields is that they can slow or reduce milk transfer. For a baby with a marginal latch, that can be a problem. Once you're able to ditch the shield, it's normal for feedings to speed up a lot. The change in flow speed can sometimes make baby a bit fussy. But as long as diaper output remains normal, call it a big success and pat yourself on the back!

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    Default Re: No more nipple shield!

    Congrats on weaning off the shield & for sticking it out all these weeks! Oh I will never forget how could it felt to hang up the sheild for good. I agree with mommal, this could just be an adjustment time for baby or he could be fussy for any of the 10,000 other reasons babies are fussy. If your really concerned about the shorter nursing sessions, you could offer the breast more frequently and see if he will nurse more frequently.

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    Default Re: No more nipple shield!

    I was put on a nipple shield, but they never told me how to wean baby from it. How'd you get yours onto the real thing? When I try to nurse without the shield or take the shield away once my nipple is harder, he nurses for a few seconds then gives up because he's looking for the shield.

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    Default Re: No more nipple shield!

    Awesome Job! I actually nursed my son 13 months with the shield cause I couldn't break him of it. But yes the feelings will be shorter with greater milk amount. I had many consults with LC s regarding the shied so I got to understand them well. Keep working on a good latch and u will b good to go. I do find that my daughter now gets fidigity at the boob sometimes and I think it's a flow thing- too slow or fast depending on the moment. Diapers r good- ur good!! Well done

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    Default Re: No more nipple shield!

    Isn't it kind of a bittersweet ending? I mean, on one hand you're so happy not to have the hassle, but on the other hand you can't actually see milk! I used a shield with my first for 2.5 months, too! I'm sure everything is fine, as long as diaper output is fine. Awesome, Mama!

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