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Thread: Food at daycare after 1 year

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    Default Food at daycare after 1 year

    Looking towards DS's first birthday, I am trying to figure out how much food he should be eating during the 9 hours at daycare.

    Currently, he gets 12 ounces of milk and roughly 6-8 ounces of solids.

    I am excited to pump wean, so I want to decrease the BM once he's a year old. Should I do that gradually? For example, would I give 8 ounces of milk and more solids? And then after a few weeks(?), give 4 ounces of milk and even more solids? Or should I try to replace the BM with a different kind of milk and keep the same amount in the bottles/cups?

    What do others do in terms of quantity and types of food?
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    Default Re: Food at daycare after 1 year

    I've exclusively pumped for 15 months now. I left my job to move when Emily was 8 months old, before that she took 20 ounces for a 10-hour day at daycare and was starting to have solids. Then more solids for dinner and about another 12-16 ounces in the evening/overnight.

    Over the summer/fall (8-13 months) while we were home full time she gradually added more and more solids and was eventually down to 20 ounces of BM total for the day.

    At 13.5 months, I got another job and she went back to day care. At first I sent her with 2 4-oz bottles in case she needed them, but she quickly switched over to the cow's milk and water that they were serving there in sippy cups. She now has 16-20 ounces of BM each day, all at home in the evening/overnight. (She still associates me with BM, clearly...)

    I wouldn't recommend putting cow's milk into the bottles when you pump wean because then eventually you'll have to bottle wean as well and you may prolong it that way. I would recommend offering as much BM as you're sending now, and have daycare offer cow's milk/water/juice (if you're using juice) in sippy cups for thirst and see if they can start phasing out the bottles during the day (something most daycares like to start doing at 1 year anyway). I was amazed at how quickly Emily went to only having 1 bottle before her nap and then not at all during the day - within about 2 weeks.
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