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Thread: not pumping anymore- but breastfeeding..

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    Default not pumping anymore- but breastfeeding..

    will it last??

    Lil J is over 6 months old- have a freezer stash that will take us darn close if not to 1 year.. I am having a hard time not pumping-- well the brain is really- not me physically.

    I typically pump in the am, lunch time and he then will either nurse or I pump at about 6 pm; if I don't pump in am and lunch how long do you think we could keep up with the dinner feeding??
    he sleeps through the night too.. nursed majority of this weekend.
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    Default Re: not pumping anymore- but breastfeedi

    You could probably keep up with the dinnertime feeding for as long as your baby was willing to nurse. However, dropping all your daytime pumping sessions would probably leave you with a fairly minimal milk supply. I personally would want to keep on pumping at least a couple times per day, to help keep that dinnertime supply and also to keep your supply up for the weekends, when you and baby can just bum around and enjoy nursing, no need for pumping. I know it sucks to be told to just keep pumping when I am sure you are feeling so done with the pump already... But you can do it, mama! If you don't do it for the baby's nutrition, do it for yourself. The longer you lactate, the more health benefits accrue to you (lowered risk for heart disease, obesity, breast cancer).

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    Default Re: not pumping anymore- but breastfeedi

    What will happen is you won't have milk on weekends, which is why he nursed all weekend
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