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Thread: BLS fail? Or am I just defensive?

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    Default Re: BLS fail? Or am I just defensive?

    If you're consistently anemic, definitely get your LO tested. I assume that a mom who is iron-deficient is also a mom whose milk may be lower in iron than necessary (though I don't know that for sure!).

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    Default Re: BLS fail? Or am I just defensive?

    I know how you feel. I tried the BLS thing and it did not work for my son. We got a baby bullet and a couple baby cook books and my son eats like a champ. For the last month we have been reintroducing BLS (well, he always self fed bananas and avocado). He is super good at it now, he chews even though he has no teeth and he can handle really large chunks. In the past week he has had tofu, mushrooms, string beans, carrots, pancakes, waffles, turkey, and more with self feeding. He eats anything we put in front of him. Its been really fun. We still spoon feed him other things like rice, oatmeal and yogurt. My son LOVES oatmeal with a little maple syrup. Also, quinoa with full fat greek yogurt.

    After your little guy gets the hang of chewing, try the BLS again, you might be pleasantly surprised.

    RE: Avocado, my son won't eat it if its mashed up and spoon-fed but will eat it if we slice and let him self feed.
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    My son's iron was tested at 7 months, before he ate much solid food at all and it was awesome. At 11 months he does eat meat and chicken all the time, particularly because he has a dairy allergy. But one thing he loves is cheerios. They have iron and more nutrients than baby cereal IMO.
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    One of my kids' first foods was avocado and banana mashed up together. Maybe try that? And while I did make my own baby food, don't think I did it fresh daily. No no no no. I had a "cooking day" where I'd bake, steam, boil etc. Then I'd puree it up and freeze it in an ice cube tray so it was single servings. Pop em out and label a ziploc bag and presto homemade food on the fly. I'd usually get enough for 4-6 weeks. Anything else that was fresh was just thrown on the tray and let them have fun. My kids LOVED beans at that age. I have so many pictures of them covered in smashed black beans. That one needs the finer pincher grasp but good for protein etc. And while they are horrible for their teeth, raisins actually have the most easily absorbed form of iron.

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