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Thread: Water?

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    How much water should a 10 month old be getting?


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    I Would like to know also dd is almost 7months. I knw peeps will say they don't need it if you r nursing,but i feed her solids I feel she needs something to wash it down at the end. I am notgoing to nurse her a drink after a meal.
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    I usually gave a sippy of water with meals. She hardly drank any though. I nursed on demand so if after she ate and wanted to nurse I would let her. When she was 1 then I started letting her have the cup all day and she drank to thirst.
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    I started giving water with meals at 6 months when we introduced solids. At 11 months he gets the sippy whenever he wants but he probably consumes maybe 3 oz all day. I figure it's ok because he nurses like 10 times a day still!
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    It's true as long as you are nursing on demand there is no need for water. I didn't give my DD1 water till after 2. I only gave her breast milk when she was thirsty, it's considered a clear liquid.

    Why wouldn't you nurse a 7 month old after a "meal" breast milk is still supposed to be their primary source of nutrition till 1. Foods are just practice till then.

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